On Site & In Home Medical Care

The team of physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants at Lily Medical Group have always enjoyed the relationships built by caring for our geriatric population. We offer onsite care and visits in the homes of our patients.

Whether it be at your local assisted living facility, rehabilitation center, or in your own home we bring healthcare to you. For many, transportation of yourself or a loved one outside the home may be extremely difficult and becomes even more imperative when medical care is needed.

Lily Medical Group works with many excellent care facilities all over Wisconsin to provide the highest level of compassionate and personal care. This medical team also works closely with any specialists you may have to create a larger comprehensive team.

Our medical care services include the following:

​Primary care

Lily Medical Group provides onsite primary care services to our seniors who may have difficulty leaving their own homes. We thrive and succeed by providing the most up to date healthcare while reducing the need for ER visits, hospitalizations, and extra doctor visits. We work with you, your family, and your caregivers to make sure all of your needs and healthcare goals are cared for.

​Vaccine programs

Our vaccination program will keep you up to date with latest guidelines and recommendations. Administered by our knowledgeable and skilled team rest assured you will be protected with the most advanced available immunizations if you wish.

​Scheduled monthly onsite visits

As we age our medical issues and needs become more complex and unique. Our team has years of experience and dedication in managing these concerns through our chronic complex disease management program. This includes visits with you and your care team as frequently as every month along with 24/7 support. We are here for you when you need us.

​Acute care needs addressed

Our team provides care coordination as well to make sure all of your caregivers, nurses, providers, pharmacy, and any other members of your care team have insight into your issues and communicate efficiently regarding your needs. This helps to reduce error and get you the care you need when you need it.

​Online access to your patient charts and communication with your care provider

The benefits of using Lily Medical Group include:

  • Scheduled onsite visits with our medical providers
  • Urgent care needs addressed
  • Reduced trips to the ER
  • Reduced hospital stays
  • Direct contact to your medical provider
  • Online access to your patient charts
  • Medication reviews
  • Onsite vaccine programs
  • Individualized care with no time constraints during your visits
  • Freedom from transportation, weather, traffic, or time spent at a clinic
  • Free of cost to any facility
  • Peace of mind for all

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Service Locations

Lily Medical Group primary care providers serve over 6000 patients and travel to over 200 facilities and homes around the state of Wisconsin. Lily Medical Group is always looking to partner with new senior living communities with the state of Wisconsin and we’d be happy to talk with you!​

Lily Healthcare serving Wisconsin